Students center

Students Promotional and Enrichment Centres

I. Student Empowerment Wing @ MCA Block I Floor

1.Centre for Placement & Training.

  • The Centre identifies the best companies who can accommodate our students and conducts Placement Drive. The achievement of the centre is companies visit the campus regularly.
  • The centre also conducts pooled campus and also co-ordinates with Anna University to conduct State Level Placement Drive.
  • The centre provides valuable training, associating with leading training partners with all needed training to groom them to the expectation.
  • In house training on Aptitude test is also provided to the students.

2.Centre for Career Development

  • The centre provides information to the students to decide their career which helps them to prepare themselves to the requirement.
  • Leading Industrialists are invited to shape the students career

3.Centre for Industry Institute Interaction

  • Industry and Institute getting bridged with the process of the centre.
  • MOU are signed with process of the centre to cater the needs to bridge the gap

4.Centre for Learning Excellence (CLx)

  • Value Added courses are conducted through this centre
  • With this support the students are groomed to the expectation of the corporate
  • Tie-up with BEC, IBM, CISCO, I CARNIGIE, YOKOGAWA, CADD Centre are made for this process

5.Advisory Bureau for Higher Studies

  • Those students who desire to pursue higher studies are trained by this centre.
  • Information related to higher studies available are regularly provided to them
  • At present the needy students are trained on GRE & TOEFL

II. Professional Development Wing @ MBA Block I Floor

6.Centre for Professional Societies

  • Student chapters of the institution are taken care by this centre.
  • At present all the students and staffs are members of any one of the Professional Society
  • Student chapters of ISTE, CSI, IEEE, SAE, MMA, CII, FICCI, NIPM are functioning
  • Workshops, Conferences, Guest Lectures, Seminars are rganized by this centre.

III. Student Activity Centre

7.Centre for Innovation, Promotion and Entrepreneurship Development

  • Students who wish to become entrepreneurs are nurtured with the efforts of this centre
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) is conducted to all the First Year students in association with Bharathiya Yuva Shakthi Trust (BYST)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) for the students who become members of the centre after EAP are provided in their II year in association with MSME – DI
  • Management Development Programme (MDP) on the skills required is provided in the III year in association with MSME -DI
  • Effective Business Proposal  Writing and availing Institutional Support are given in their final year in association with ITCOT
  • Young Entrepreneurs of our institution are appreciated with awards by Entrepreneurs for India (e4i) Trust.

8.Centre for Intellectual Property

  • IP centre is an unique centre which is first of its kind in an educational institution in India
  • Efforts of the centre is appreciated by World IP Forum
  • Small Scale Entrepreneurs who are in need of support towards IP are catered with the centre
  • Young Engineers who’s Ideas to be protected are guided
  • Centre operates in association with I.P Dome Strategy Advisors Pvt. Ltd.,

9.Legal Cell

  • Entrepreneurs who are in need of Legal Assistance are catered by the centre
  • The cell functions with the guidance of Giridhar & Sai Associates

10.Centre for Human Rights

  • Awareness towards Human Rights is provided with the support of the Centre.
  • This centre is associated with Girdhar & Sai Associates

11.Centre for Social Services

  • Social Service Activities are taken care by this centre
  • Chapters of National Social Service (NSS), Youth Red Cross (YRC), Red Ribbon Club (RRB) are functioning under this centre
  • Nearby School, Temple are cleaned with the efforts of this centre
  • Regular Blood Banks, Medical Checkups in association with Lions club International 324 A5 are conducted
  • Organised a drive marking PM’s Clean India Moment

12.Centre for Consumer Affairs

  • Awareness on Consumer Protection is provided by the centre
  • Centre is associated with Citizen Consumer Council, Thiruvallur

13.Centre for Environmental Awareness

  • Environmental Protection is the motto of the centre
  • Tree Plantation programme is a regular activity of the centre.
  • 2011 institution became a part of Record Tree Plantation Moment rganized by Lions Club of International 324 A6 and recorded in Limca Book of Records and in 2012 institution became part of Go Green Moment
  • Garbage and wastage are safely disposed in association with ITC
  • Waste Papers are disposed in association with Wealth to Waste
  • Chemical Wastages are disposed in association with SK Chemicals
  • Electronic Wastages are disposed in association with Axis Power Networks
  • Regularly sctrutinsing with Green Audit that the institution is not affecting the environment
  • Also initiate the young students towards non polluting environment

14.Centre for Professional Counseling

  • Apart from Academic Counseling, Personal Counseling, Career Counseling, if required Professional Counseling is also provided
  • Expert who can take at most care is appointed in association with Institute for Behavioral and Management Sciences, Andra Pradesh

15.Centre for Women Empowerment

  • Women are empowered with the process of this cell
  • Every March 8th is celebrated by arranging an exclusive programme for women
  • Self Help Group Women are taken care by this cell – Initiative in association with MSME – DI

16.Centre for Health Care @ ECE Block Ground Floor

  • Each and Every Student are taken at most care towards their health also
  • A Doctor who takes care of the students and the staff throughout the day
  • In case of any emergency there is an association with Sudharssanam Hospitals which is very close by and having all facilities to take care

17.Yoga Centre

  • Yoga is taught through this centre regularly
  • Centre functions in association with Manavalakalai of Vazhga Valamudan Foundation

18.Alumni Association

  • A Registered Alumni Association is strong and supportive with the past students of the institution
  • Every year January 26th is day of SAEC Alumni
  • Alumni supports their successor who are in need of support on that day
  • Alumni Interaction guides the students towards their future

19.Department of Physical Education

  • Sports Activities are taken care by the Department
  • Intra Mural Sports Meet, Inter Collegiate and Inter School Sports Tournaments are the regular activities of the department
  • Inter Zonal & Zonal Tournaments of the University are regularly hosted by the institution
  • Tennis, Basket Ball, Throw Ball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Kabbadi, Tenikoit, Foot Ball, Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Ball Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess facilities are available and training are provided
  • National Level, State Level, University Level winners are created by the department

20.Student Co-operative Stores

  • All requirements of the students from stationeries, copier facility and binding facility are provided at BEP pricing.

21.Centre for Skill Development

  • The centre shapes the students talents to showcase to the world
  • The centre has Science Club, English Club, Tamil Club, Quiz Club, Cultural Club
  • Through which competitions are conducted in Inter Departmental Level. Science Exhibition is hosted regularly.

IV. Quality Improvement Wing

22.Centre for Research @ Centralized at CSE & IT Block II Floor

  • Separate R&D Centre’s of the Departments available in their respective blocks
  • Institution has 3 University approved Research Centre’s
  • Funded Research, Consultancy Projects are monitored by the centre
  • Publications are also recorded by the centre

23.Approval, Affiliation, Accreditation & Quality Assurance Cell @ Main Block Ground Floor

  • Quality Improvement and necessary Affiliation is taken care by this cell.
  • ISO, QIP, IQAC, AICTE Approval, Anna University Affiliation, NBA & NAAC Accreditation is catered by the inputs and monitoring of this cell.
  • It helps to plan and perform all the tasks of the institution and also to the higher standard.

24.Central Computing Centre @ MBA Block Ground Floor

  • An exclusive 60 seater computer lab with internet facility with extended hours is available for both staff and students
  • To satisfy their needs related to surfing for information and also for any documentary preparation is made available.

25.Department of Library and Information Centre @ Mechanical Block Ground Floor Annexure Library @ MBA Block Ground Floor & Department Library @ all Departments

  • A wide collection of Text Books, Reference Books, Journals are available
  • NPTEL Videos, IEEE Journals, Online Journals are widely available
  • Every student are provided with 3 cards for lending
  • Class Toppers are provided with 3 Books of their choice lend for the entire semester
  • Library kept open till 8 in the night and even on Sundays for reference
  • An Annexure Library is also available with books for reference in all departments in their exclusive department library