R & D Expert Committee

1 Dr.P. K.Nagarajan MECH   Renewable Energy, Solar PV, Solar Thermal system, Nano fluids and Heat TransferEnhancement techniques.
2 Dr.V.Jaiganesh MECH Manufacturing and Optimization, Manufacturing Energy Management, Quality Engineering, Industrial Engineering.
3 Dr.T.Lakshmanan MECH Internal Combustion Engines
4 Dr.S.Mahadevan MECH Production and Management & Industrial Engineering
5 Dr.P.Sevvel MECH Friction Stir Welding, Manufacturing Technology
6 Dr.S.Ravishankar MECH Solar Thermal Energy, Nano Technology and Heat Transfer enhancement techniques,
7 Dr.A.Chandran CIVIL Structural Engineering
8 Dr.M.Thanikachalam CIVIL Remote Sensing and GIS for Coastal Zone Management and Coastal Processes; Satellite Image Prcessing
9 Dr.M.Subramaniam IT Computer Networks, WSN, Cloud & Mobile Computing
10 Dr.Partheeban IT WSN
11 Dr. G.UmaraniSrikanth CSE Soft computing, Theory of Computation, Compiler Design,  Data Structures, Automata theory
12 Dr.E.A.Mary Anita CSE Computer Networks , Wireless Networks, Security
13 Dr.T.Ravi CSE Wireless Sensor Networks
14 Dr.V.Manjula CSE Wireless Sensor Network, Security
15 Dr.S.Veena CSE Data Mining, Network Security, Mobile Computing
16 Dr.R.Geetha CSE  Wireless Sensor Network, Mobile Ad hoc Network, Network Security
17 Dr.M.Preetha CSE  Wireless Sensor Network, Network Security
18 Dr. J.M.Mathana ECE VLSI design and Wireless Communication
19 Dr. K.Thanigaivelu ECE Wireless Sensor Networks, Adhoc Networks
20 Dr.C.Arunachalaperumal ECE Wireless Communications
21 Dr.G.Kavya ECE VLSI Design, Embedded System Technologies
22 Dr. P. Murugesan EEE Load Flow Analysis, Power Systems
23 Dr.K.Sathiyasekar EEE High Voltage Engineering, Soft Computing
24 Dr. A. Suresh EEE Power Electronics, Induction Heating
25 Dr.S.Priya EEE Machines, Power Electronics
26 Dr.Viji Rajesh MBA Finance
27 Dr. L.Vijay MBA Finance, Human Resources, ED
29 Dr.S.P.Shanmuganathan GE Manufacturing
30 Dr.T.Senthil Kumar ENGLISH Listening Skills
31 Dr.R.Hariharasudhan CHEMISTRY Chemistry & Environmental Science
32 Dr.K.Anitha MATHS Topological Spaces
3 Dr.C.K.Sivashankari MATHS Rough Set Theory
34 Dr.R.Kumutha PHYSICS Smart Materials