M.E.Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of M.E Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2006.  The infrastructure of the Department includes class rooms equipped with modern audio video aids, tutorial rooms, well equipped laboratories, departmental library & seminar hall.


Qualified and Experienced team of faculty members with varied experience in areas of System Software, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and also in Mobile and Computer Networks, Object Oriented Design, Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Distributed Computing, Database Management System, Multimedia and Neural Networks.

The Department has laboratories Project Lab. These laboratories include IBM X225 Series server and IBM Series X226 Servers and a cluster of Ethernet LANs and standalone personal computers. The software available are Windows 2000 server, Windows XP, Windows NT, Red Hat Linux, Rational Suite, Microsoft visual studio, Microsoft office 2000 professional, Microsoft Front page 2003, Oracle 9i, Adobe In design, Studio MX, Direct MX, Borland Turbo C++ Suite, and Borland Enterprise server.

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The operating systems available include Windows 2000, Windows XP professional, and Red Hat Linux. The other application software includes MS office 2000, Turbo C++ suite, Borland Turbo C++ suite, and Visual studio, Oracle.  8 UPS   of 10KVA   capacity   each provide power requirement for the above system. There are also eighteen dot matrix printers and one laser printer. The computer center provides   2 Mbps  1: 2  RF leased line Internet connectivity.