ME Communication Systems

The Department of M.E COMUNICATION SYSTEMS was established in the year 2006. The Department has the best facilities available in the region in terms of infrastructure including laboratories and faculty.Lectures, seminars, laboratory classes and tutorials form a large part of in-college academic activity. The Department imparts   quality    education to   its   students, in modern lecture rooms equipped with appropriate teaching aids.


In laboratories, students experiment with the latest technologies, which help them in kindling their latest skills. The students are encouraged to participate in State and National level symposia, extra curricular activity and conference. They have won prizes in the above said activities.


The Department’s laboratories include Linear Integrated circuits lab with function generators, Digital storage oscilloscopes, digital trainer kits, Microprocessor lab (8085 and 8086), communication lab, Radio frequency lab, Digital and system design lab,  network lab. Optical communication lab has link A, link B, link-C, Link D and Link-E kits. The software available are multisim, Ulti sim, Mat lab, GPS kit, Windows 2000 server , Windows XP, Microsoft visual studio ,  Microsoft office 2000 professional , The department provides  2Mbps  RF leased line Internet connectivity.