Sl.No Class Name of the Students Title Name of College Date
1. II Year K.HemaLatha Tools and Techniques of Software Testing National Seminar on The Dynamics of Data Analysis & Research PublicationsAlpha Arts & Science  College 03-03-16
2. D.Rohini
3. N.Angeline Monica Solid State Drives
4. T.V Suganiya







1 111913621301 ARULJOTHI P Artificial Ethical brain using Neuron stimulator
2 111913621302 ARUN R Web security using cryptography
3 111913621303 ASWIN CASTRO B U Bluetooth enhancement in Data transmission
4 111913621304 DHAARANI R Graphical user interface design using human computer interaction
5 111913621305 DHWARAGAI S D Web data mining using multiple agent system
6 111913621306 DINESH KUMAR S Typical university information system
7 111913621307 DIVYA R Cryptography in digital watermarking
8 111913621308 GAYATHRI K Traffic control signal using image processing
9 111913621309 JANSIRANI K Security in distributed database
10 111913621310 JASMIN BOBBY C Security mobile jamming attacks
11 111913621311 JAYAKRISHNAN G Protected network security management in banking system
12 111913621312 JAYAVARMAN K Massive MIMO for next generation wireless sensor networks
13 111913621313 KALAIVANI S Detection using video synopsis for theft prevention
14 111913621314 KARPAGAVALLI S Security by Intrusion detection system
15 111913621315 KAVERI T Security in Adhoc network
16 111913621316 KIRTHIKA A Authentication for mobile communicationUsing AKA protocol
17 111913621317 LAKSHMI KALVARAYAN Data security and privacy by data mining
18 111913621318 LAVANYA T Recent development web usage mining.
19 111913621319 MAGESHWARI C To secure one’s soul through automatic call using Google Glass
20 111913621320 MAKESH J Classification of SQL injection attack techniques
21 111913621321 MALA K Image enhancement using adaptive and Gaussian filters for face reorganization
22 111913621322 MEENAKSHI V Agile software techniques
23 111913621323 MOHAN M R Under water wireless
24 111913621324 MOHAN KUMAR P Smart mining from heterogeneous database using an integration of clustering & classification
25 111913621325 NANDHINI V The blue brain
26 111913621326 NARASIMMAN S Web search engine based semantic web
27 111913621327 NEEVETHA K Standards of protocol to implement interoperability issue in mobile computing
28 111913621328 NIRANJAN V Perfect and secure speech recognizer
29 111913621329 PANCHAMI MOL R S Data mining in telecommunication industry
30 111913621330 PRIYA G Analysis in intrusion detection in data mining using neural network.
31 111913621331 PRIYA P Approach on Operating System using reconfigurable architecture
32 111913621332 RAJALAKSHMI M Zigbee technology through wireless communication
33 111913621333 RAJESH K Human voice interaction in ATM machine
34 111913621334 RAJESH M Preventive measures in Network Hacking
35 111913621335 RAJESWARI P Providing security using touch screen patterns
36 111913621336 REKHA V Security concurrency using global cache
37 111913621337 REVATHI R R. Securing data in image steganography with LSB
39 111913621338 REVATHI U Intrusion detection system in WSN for detecting network attacks
40 111913621340 REVATHY K Web content mining methods and applications
41 111913621341 SAKTHI BHARATHI  R Detection in diffusion of attacks
42 111913621342 SAM THAYAKARAN  R Artificial intelligence – Lyric creator
43 111913621343 SANDHIYA  M Security control and measures on Mobile computing
44 111913621344 SARANYA K 5G wireless technology
45 111913621345 SARANYA MOORTY Non Congestion Control Mechanism(NCCM) to improve TCP performance over MHWN
46 111913621346 SARANYA MOHAN Secure information using palm reorganization and its techniques.
47 111913621347 SHALINI D ANT colony optimization in Mobile adhoc network routing
48 111913621348 SIVANESAN V Camoflledging wireless frequency waves.
49 111913621349 SOFIYA JOHNSON Mobile IP : Qos issues study and solution.
50 111913621350 SOWMIYA R Review of Wi-Fi and Wi-max security technology for communication
51 111913621351 STEPHEN JEBAKUMAR S Prevention of accidents using alcohol eyeblink colloidal sensor
52 111913621352 SUBHASHINI B RFID sensor network based on health care services.
53 111913621353 SUBHARANI S Security issues in Payment technology
54 111913621354 SUGANYA C Improving Bluetooth band range using EDR data throughput
55 111913621355 SURYA B Wireless sensor on patient health care monitoring
56 111913621356 SWATI M Security issues in wireless network
57 111913621357 TAMILARASI P Analyze the Wireless communication bandwidth on microstrip patch antennas
58 111913621358 THIRUNAVUKARASU S 4G technologies
59 111913621359 VAITHEESWARI M Processing an image using threshold and model based clustering
60 111913621360 VIGNESHWARI D Signature verification using artificial neural network.
61 111913621361 RENUGA Detect and determine multiple adverses in wireless network.