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1 Blow Processing System 111913621301 Aruljothi P Mr.S.Sridhar   N.R.R Gaarments & Finishing, Chennai
2 Secure Authentication in internet services 111913621302 Arun R Mrs.V.Sujatha   Softorix Technologies,Chennai
3 Just order Management System 111913621303 Aswin Castro B U Mr.R.Sankar   Just order, Thiruvallur
4 Marine Shipping Information Management System 111913621304 Dhaarani R Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Chakra Marine & Industrial Engineering
5 School framework 111913621305 Dhwaragai S D Mrs.R.Anitha   T.K.L Nursery and Primary School
6 Veterinary Clinical Management System 111913621306 Dinesh Kumar S Mr.S.Sridhar   Barking Fine pet Speciality Hospital, Chennai.
7 Payment Management System 111913621307 Divya R Mr.R.Sankar   Wemadis Technologies, Chennai.
8 Secure and Optimized and data storage for IoT through Cloud Framework 111913621308 Gayathri K Mr.R.Sankar   MAASMIND
9 A Two-stage Crawler for Efficiency Harvesting Deep-Web interfaces 111913621309 Jansirani K Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Uniq Technologies,chennai
10 Billing system for Smile shopy super market 111913621310 Jasmin Bobby C Mrs.R.Anitha   Smile Shopy super market
11 IDC Iyyappa hospital  & Diabetes centre  Maintenance System 111913621311 Jayakrishnan G Mrs.R.Anitha   IDC Iyyappa hospital  & Diabetes centre
12 Automation of Material Maintenance System 111913621312 Jayavarman K Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   R.K Enterprises.
13 M.S.S. Associate Maintenance System 111913621313 Kalaivani S Mr.R.Sankar   M.S. ShankarAssociate
14 The Efficiency of precautions imagery In Internet pool 111913621314 Karpagavalli S Mrs.V.Sujatha   Uniq Technologies,chennai
15 Product Maintenance Executor 111913621315 Kaveri T Mrs.V.Sujatha   Vettri Auto Store, chennai
16 PMEL Equipments Maintenance System 111913621316 Kirthika A Mr.S.Sridhar   Precision Machines & Equipments (p) Ltd, Sriperumpudur.
17 A Secure Data self – destructing scheme in cloud computing 111913621317 Lakshmi Kalvarayan Mrs.V.Sujatha   Plex Marine,chennai
18 Effort Tracking system 111913621318 Lavanya T Mrs.R.Anitha   AVR Manufactures
19 Budget Approval System 111913621319 Mageshwari C Mrs.V.Sujatha   Murugan Stores, Chennai
20 EN- EDUSYS 111913621320 Makesh J Mrs.R.Anitha   EN Computer Education
21 Out pass Management System 111913621321 Mala K Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Sanghamam College of Arts and Science.
22 Remainder Tracking System using GPS 111913621322 Meehakshi V Mrs.V.Sujatha   Bhuvitech Web Solutions,chennai
23 Vanaja hospital management system 111913621323 Mohan Kumar P Mr.S.Sridhar   Vanaja Hospital, chennai
24 Surety based education improvement system 111913621324 Mohan M R Mr.R.Sankar   V.E.M.U.R.I  Trust
25 Queue length based CSMA/CA algorithm for achieving maximal throughput and load delay in wireless network 111913621325 Nandhini V Mrs.R.Anitha   Techfi Technologies
26 Tharun Travel Driver registry application 111913621326 Narasimman S Mrs.R.Anitha   Tharun Travels and Business solution
27 Dataless data mining: Association Rules-Based Distribution Privacy-Preserving Data Mining 111913621327 Neevetha K Mrs.V.Sujatha   Signware Technologies, Chennai.
28 Dharshini Engineering Management systyem 111913621328 Niranjan V Mr.R.Sankar   Dharshini Engineering
29 Gas Govern System 111913621329 Panchami Mol R S Mr.S.Sridhar    
30 Insurance Claim Processing System 111913621330 Priya G Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Sunshare Investments Pvt Ltd.
31 Family and Children Tracking System using GPS 111913621331 Priya P Mr.R.Sankar   BhuviTech Web solutions
32 Steganography using reversible texture synthesis 111913621332 Rajalakshmi M Mrs.R.Anitha   Data notic international
33 Warehouse Executer 111913621333 Rajesh K Mrs.V.Sujatha   Yashimarine Logistics, chennai
34 Patient Self-Controllable and privacy-preserving cooperative authentication in distributed M-Healthcare system 111913621334 Rajesh M Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Googolsoft Technologies
35 Apartment Service Maintenance using web application 111913621335 Rajeswari P Mrs.V.Sujatha   YUVA Constructions, chennai
36 Car Tracking System using GPS 111913621336 Rekha V Mr.S.Sridhar    
37 Corroborative content management system for personalized web search 111913621337 Revathi R R Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   PHI Pyung Hwa India Private Limited
38 Dynamic Trust Management for Secure Routing in Wired Networks 111913621338 Revathi U Mrs.V.Sujatha   Tecxpera Technologies, Chennai
39 Alloysys Management System 111913621340 Revathy K Mr.S.Sridhar   Alloysys Extrusion Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
40 Wireless Anomaly Detection Based on IEEE 802.11 Behavior Analysis 111913621341 Sakthi Bharathi R Mrs.V.Sujatha   Jemi Cluster,Chennai
41 Android Based Member Tagging and Integration system using GPS 111913621342 Sam Thayakaran R Mr.S.Sridhar   Sree Krishna Travels,Chennai
42 Donor System 111913621343 Sandhiya M Mr.R.Sankar   Maya Nursing Home Pvt Ltd
43 Automated Tool for Activity Tracker and Project Scheduling 111913621344 Saranya K Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Relentless Systems
44 Annai Bharath System application 111913621345 Saranya M


Mr.S.Sridhar   Annai Bharath Tailoring Institute, chennai
45 Stock analyzer and portfolio management system 111913621346 Saranya M


Mr.R.Sankar   K.S Vikram Engineering,Thiruvallur
46 Sophisticated Online Shopping for Electrical Kits and Components 111913621347 Shalini D Mr.S.Sridhar   Majestic Computronix, Chennai.
47 Secure Policy Based Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the cloud 111913621348 Sivanesan V Mrs.V.Sujatha   Globin Technologies, chennai
48 Improving Web navigation usability by comparing actual and anticipated usage 111913621349 Sofiya Johnson Mrs.R.Anitha   Pantech proEd pvt ltd
49 Transport Vehicle Tracking System 111913621350 Sowmiya R Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Pentagon Logistics
50 Jog Tracker 111913621351 Stephen

Jebakumar S

Mr.S.Sridhar   Solid Fitness,Chennai
51 KC Multispecialty  Hospitals Management System 111913621352 Subhashini B Mrs.R.Anitha   KC Multispecialty  Hospitals
52 E-Shopping Management System for Xenon Computers 111913621353 Subharani S Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Xenon Computers
53 Query Aware Determinization of uncertain objects 111913621354 Suganya C Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Cert Technologies
54 Rajkamal Apparels Maintenance system 111913621355 Surya B Mrs.R.Anitha   Rajkamal Apparels
55 M.V. Enterprises Management system 111913621357 Tamilarasi P Mr.R.Sankar   M.V. Enterprises
56 Stock and order processing system 111913621358 Thirunavukarasu S Mrs.Lakshmi Devi.R   Universal Printing Inks
57 Fabrication Management system 111913621359 Vaitheeswari M Mr.R.Sankar   Sri vinayaga Engineering
58 Student tracking system 111913621360 Vigneshwari D Mr.R.Sankar   Amutha Matriculation school
59 Finding SQL Queries in Spreadsheet for  Mirinaa Automation 111913621361 Renuga Mrs.R.Anitha   Mirinaa Automation