ISSN 2394 – 7179 (Print), ISSN 2394 – 7187 (Online)


1.Authentication for Mobile Communication using Aka Protocol
Authors: A.Kirthika and S.Karpagavalli

2.Bluetooth Enhancement in Data Transmission
Authors: Aswin Castro .B.U and Rajesh. M

3.Trust based Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Ant Colony Optimization
Authors: D. Shalini and K.Jansirani

4.Analysis of Neural Network Algorithms in Data Mining
Authors: G.Priya, K.Revathi and S.Subharani

5.SQL Injection Attack
Authors: J.makesh and S.Thirunavukarasu

6.Massive MIMO for Next Generation Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: K.Jayavarman and S.Narasimman

7.Image Enhancement using Adaptive and Gaussian Filters, DWT for Face Recognition
Authors: K.Mala and T.Lavanya

8.Attack Detection Using Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Sensor Network
Author: U.Revathi

9.Perfect and Secure Speech Recognizer
Authors: V.Niranjan and P.Mohankumar

10.Non-Congestion Control Mechanism to Improve TCP Performance in MHWN
Authors: Saranya Moorthy and Panchami Mol

11.Approaches on Operating System using Reconfigurable Architecture
Authors: P.Priya, V.Rekha and M.Vaitheswari

12.Human voice Interaction with ATM machine
Authors: Rajesh.K, Arun.R and Sivanesan.V

13.Security Controls and Measures in Mobile Computing
Authors: M.Sandhiya and K.Saranya

14.Soul Security through Automatic Call using Google Glass
Author: C.Mageshwari

15.Empirical Studies of Agile Software Process Model
Author: V. Meenakshi

16.Lyric Generation using Artificial Intelligence
Authors: R.Sam Thayakaran and Stephen Jebakumar

17.Providing Security using Touch Screen Pattern
Author: P.Rajeswari

18.Detection of Diffusion in Attacks
Author: R . Sakthi Bharathi

19.Cryptography in Digital Watermarking – A Wavelet based Contrast Sensitivity
Authors: Divya.R and Sowmiya.R

20.Wireless Sensor on Patient Health Care Monitoring
Authors: B.Surya, B.Subashini and M.Raja Lakshmi

21.Image Steganography for Secure the Data using Least Significant Bit
Authors: Revathi. R.R, Tamilarasi.P and Vigneshwari.D

22.Blue Brain using Wetware Technology and Fuzzy Logic
Author: Nandhini V

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Head of the Department,Department of MCA, S.A.Engineering College, Chennai