Industrial Visit

“Our perception of changes in the world have a deep impact on our own perceptions and the ones we have of others.”  Bearing this in mind, it was felt that there was a need to go beyond

what had been taught in the Lecture Hall. It was necessary to examine and experiment new dimensions not addressed during Lecture. The most important change has been

the rapidly – evolving technology and its use by young students in every sphere of their lives, from academic to social to personal. Due to this, we had arranged Industrial visits to various organizations


  1. Our Students visited Mazenet Solution (P) Ltd. for learning the concepts of Middleware Technologies on 13th August 2014.
  2. Another visit to Vinformax Technologies Systems was made possible for our students on 22nd September 2014 to gain knowledge in Networking.
  3. For IInd Year MCA students, a Visit was arranged to Sansbound Solution Pvt. Ltd. On February 5th

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