To promote a spirit of continuous learning among its students, S.A. Engineering College assures peaceful and enriching hours in the Central Library. One of the major highlights of the S.A. Engineering College is its 1371.52757952 Sq.M.. air conditioned central library that has a seating capacity of 300. It has about 55732 volumes and 17310 Titles of books and 9329 E-Books. In addition to which, the library also subscribes 98 Printed Journals, 1643 E- Journals and 88 Magazines. In this fully automated library, students and staff members can search the books by author, title, Acc. No. Publisher or subject heading and their availability. Each student is given 3 library books at a time and they have allocated library hours/week. The S.A. Engineering College Central Library is an institutional member of prestigious libraries such as the  DELNET, AICTE – ELSEVIER, AICTE – IEEE  Delhi.



Library working hours is as follows :

Monday to Friday – 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Saturday – 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

  1. Each student is allowed to draw three books from library. Teaching faculty can draw four books from library.
  2. Merit Cards : The top three rankers in each class will be eligible for additional 2 books from library. The privilege will be continued so long as they continue to be one among the top 3 rankers in the class.
  3. Students should show their identity cards to the librarian for the purpose of identification at the time of using any library facility and borrowing books.
  4. Students should clarify themselves about the defacement of the book before they are taken out from the library on loan. Any subsequent complaint about the deficiency or defacement of the book will not be entertained. Any book found to be defective at the time of return will not be accepted and the concerned student should replace the book by a new one.
  5. Any book reported to be lost by the borrower should be replaced by a new one, failing which the borrower should pay an amount twice the cost of the book lost.
  6. Books other than reference books and journals will be issued to the students for a period of 15 days at the first instance with the provision for renewal for a further period of 15 days. Extension beyond the first renewal will be permitted only if there is no request for reservation of the book by any other user.
  7. Reference books, Project Reports, Journals and Question papers will not be lent out. But, students can make photocopies to a bare minimum number of pages from the books.
  8. Books should be returned on the due dates. Belated returns will be accepted only on payment of fine calculated as per the rules in force. Renewal of book can be done only on production of the book on the due date or earlier.
  9. All library cards are to be returned to the library at the time of leaving the college failing which a fine amount of Rs.100/- per card or the cost of the book loaned on the card and not returned, whichever is higher will be collected.
  10. Department Library is provided for easy access and preparation of notes for teaching by staff members.