Grants Received

Title of the Proposal Establishing Labs  for College1.Wireless Sensor Networks & Distributed Computing Lab.2.Big Data and Cloud Computing Lab.3.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab
Principal Investigator Dr. M.Subramaniam
Research Consultant/  Funding Agency DST- FIST Program – 2014Ministry of Science & Technology,  DST
Date of Proposal Sent May – 2014
Status of the Proposal Grant of Rs. 40 Lacs sanctioned letter dated 21-Nov-14


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  2. Subramaniam.M, A.Kathirvel, J.P.Josh Kumar, N.Kirubakaran and P.Sivaraman, “A unified approach for detecting and eliminating selfish nodes in MANETs using TBUT”, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking and Springer Open(2015) 2015:143, DOI
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Registered Scholars:

Supervisor : Dr. M.Subramaniam – Professor& HOD

 Scholar Name Anna University Ph.D –Registered Candidates/Titles
A.Duraisamy Detection& Prevention of Cross site scripting & SQL injection attacks on Web Applications using Pattern Matching Algorithm
D.Sujatha Adaptive 2 Layer Data Sampling And Partitioning: Data Skew Optimization Framework For Map Reduce Clusters
K.Ananthajothi Improved Methodology To Correlate Feedback Session With Appropriate Keyword Using CAP Algorithm
A.Moorthy Wireless Machine-to-Machine Healthcare Management Using Android Mobile Devices in Sensor Networks
B.Selvalakshmi Big Data Processing towards Intelligent Information Retrieval
Mohamed Imtiaz N A Novel Approach to Enhance the Security in Cloud Computing Based Big-Data Management System