S. No Name of the company Year of registration
 1. IEEE Technical Co-sponsorship 10.02.2012
 2. ExcelaCom India Private Limited 31.05.2012
 3. Vi Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. 10.07.2013
 4. Yokogawa India Limited 17.05.2013
 5. Trident Tech 08.08.2014
 6. NISC 17.06.2015
 7. GK Power Expertise PVT LTD 22.07.2015
 8. Transun Energy Systems 02.09.2015
 9. National Institute of Wind Energy 29.03.2016

Solar Plant Reconfiguration
MoU Activities


20 kilowatt Peak Solar Power Plant installed at our college campus. The system is connected to the grid and it contains 80 solar modules with the installed capacity of 240 each generating 19200 Wp or 19.2 KWp.

Due to the less maintenance power production dropped below 50 % of rated Capacity. With the support of Transun Energy Systems and the students of EEE department reconfigured the wiring and Panels are cleaned to get maximum power from the plant. After maintenance the power generation increased to 88 %.