The seed for the Computer Society of India (CSI) was first shown in the year 1965. The organization has grown to an enviable size of 1,00,000 strong members consisting of professionals with varied backgrounds including Software developers, Scientists, Academicians, Project Managers, CIO’s , CTO’s & IT vendors to just name a few. It has spread its branches all over the country.  Currently CSI has more than 500 student branches and rooted firmly at 73 different locations.

The CSI Student Chapter of S.A. Engineering College, Chennai  has been registered during the academic year   2009-2010 and comes under the Region VII of CSI.

The college owes an Educational Institution Membership of CSI and the membership has been renewed every year. At present the chapter has around 300 student’s members from the departments of CSE, IT and MCA. CSI Student Chapter organizes various events like Conference, Faculty Development Programme, Workshop, Seminar, Symposia and Guest Lectures periodically with the motivation of imparting quality par with elite standards and to make our students as visionary leaders in the society.